Amy Heller

This week's episode touches on the power of a community with a shared purpose. Our guest today, Amy Heller, is a transformational thinker and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WGIRLS INC. What began as an informal gathering of young professional women in New York City more than a decade ago, WGIRLS INC. is now a thriving philanthropic organization that impacts the lives of women and children in local communities throughout the country.

“I think service to me is purpose. And I think purpose is the secret ingredient to people's happiness. Purpose brings fulfillment in your life. And so when you're looking at you're checking all those boxes, like go get the big job, go move to the city. You want to go to do all the things, you know, date the right person or just the whole thing. So, like, when you were looking at it from a very superficial way, I had what everybody wanted and I was still feeling like there was something missing.

And to me, that secret ingredient was the sort of.. what are you doing with your time? What is the most pressing thing? What what do you want to be remembered for? How do you want to make a difference?”

In this episode, Amy shares when the seeds of her desire for service were planted and how working in the finance industry led her to see the disparities between two worlds — extreme affluence and abject poverty. On the show, we discuss Amy's commitment and motivation to empower underserved women and children and what she still hopes to achieve through her organization.