The Seven Pillars of Service

What it means to dedicate your life to service. 

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The Definition of Service

Service is defined as placing something above your own self-interest. The act of helping or doing work for someone. Our seven pillars that make up the word service provide us with a framework for how we can live our lives. By finding ways to weave these pillars into our everyday experiences, we can grow closer to living a life of service first.



The very nature of sacrifice is to surrender something of value for the greater good. Every act of service—big or small—requires a certain degree of sacrifice. It’s important to recognize these selfless acts, as this is what fuels a service first life. It’s those individuals who sacrifice without hesitation that drive our workforces and society—and are paramount to the longevity of the modern world.



There are people who have selflessly dedicated their lives to a cause and inspire others to follow. They lead by example through courageousness and boldness, helping inspire others to find their purpose and place along the way. They pick us up when we are at that lowest point. They empower us to plow forward; be our best selves, and above all; they remind us of what is most important on life’s journey.



Respect is earned for deeds done. For putting in the time. For committing to something bigger than us. Those who deserve our respect demonstrate loyalty and honor through their work and actions on a daily basis. These people realize that leadership and integrity don’t always mean standing in front of the pack. Their candor and grace deserves our respect.



Our values are what define us—our beliefs, our actions, our goals. Everyone’s set of values looks a little different. But for those who serve, rallying around a shared set of values committed to the greater good is the common bond. We believe that working together to create a better tomorrow is what the world needs most. An aligned set of values and moral principles allow this to happen.



Inspiration can come from people, events, actions or ideas. There’s something truly profound happening when an individual can inspire others to act. While we feel it may be our own calling, duty or cause to serve, inspiring others to do the same is how we know that our legacy can live on. To motivate others to join together is what makes acts of service that much more worthwhile.



To contribute something to society is one of the greatest gifts we can give. It’s about leaving this world better than it was before. Whether it’s the moment of bravery when we give more than we thought was possible, or simpler acts of smaller, more tangible everyday generosity. When you decide your life is about contribution, you’re part of the solution towards actionable change.



Being able to connect, relate and understand those around you—regardless of age, sex, race, religion, location, profession, orientation—is the truest definition of empathy. To be empathetic allows us to remove ourselves and possible biases from the equation. It allows us to appreciate one another for exactly who we are while embracing our differences.