Jessica Feingold

“We only have this one precious life, and if the global pandemic hasn't made this abundantly clear, our time here is short and not a given. I was born, by chance, into a situation where I had the resources to choose how to make the most of my brief time on earth. Being given so much, it only made sense to me to pay this forward to others.

My career as a nonprofit leader has always meant rising to the occasion. I've worked with men in India to help them work through their emotions without inflicting violence on their partners; with women in Uganda seeking a safe birth and secure home; and with micro-entrepreneurs across 85 countries seeking investment in their family's livelihood.

In being part of this global family, I became more attuned to the issues here at home, and the legacy of 400 years of inequality that has shaped our nation. While talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not. To me, our greatest service is in building a more equitable and inclusive society, one in which people and the planet can thrive.”

Jessica Feingold is the Chief Strategy Officer at Common Future. As a futurist, her focus is on reimagining an economy that includes everyone. Every moment of her life is dedicated in service to creating opportunities for people and families to thrive.