Kristina Libby

"I think one of the hard things is like, how do we sustain a service mentality? And also in a society in which there are so many things to respond to. I think, too, that is hard about finding the community that you can serve in the ways in which serving feels tied to who you are. Because I think that's the best service, right where it almost doesn't feel like service."

Kristina Libby is a sought-after thought-leader, brand builder, and technology insider. Her career encompasses advising and building large scale and high growth companies.

She also has one of the coolest jobs in the world as the Chief Science Officer at Hyper Giant, an emerging technology company focused on solving the world's biggest problems in the areas of space, defense, and critical infrastructure. Even with such a huge role Kristina somehow still finds time to positively impact lives and serve as a beacon of hope and love through the “Floral Heart Project”. The project began as a memorial to those dying from COVID-19 and to create a space of sympathy and compassion for everyone struggling from the impacts of the pandemic.

“So the Floral Heart Project are these large scale hearts made of roses and they're very specifically that way. So flowers are very traditional gift. When someone is mourning. There's a lot of research, sort of psychology research about the fact that people who receive flowers feel it. Instant moment of joy. Everyone like 100 percent of people across the board. And so it is a way to sort of spark just a positive emotion when someone is in the depths of grief.”

In this episode, Kristina talks about what drove her to the tech space and how we can use technology as a force for good — ultimately creating a just and equitable society. She also shares how to sustain a service mentality and how she made people grieving from the tragic impacts of COVID-19 feel less alone.