Neal Conlon

Neal Conlon is the epitome of a modern day renaissance man. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Neal is a world renowned entrepreneur, marketing guru, executive leader and coach. All of this sums up the fact that he is a remarkable human being who is driven to giving back to others because he understands what it is like to feel alone and lack guidance and resources.

“I can't think of another level of service other than, you know, committing to the things that we commit to when we serve it, commit to military service. But you're told this period time that you're the best of the best and the best. And then when the military is done. You know, the military makes no promises other than if you are physically, mentally fit enough, you will get the opportunity to serve. And so therefore, while it's gotten a lot better these days, you know, at that time, the support system for veterans was not nearly what it is today.

And what I've realized over time is that the biggest struggle for veterans is that when they come out with having this big, massive purpose, a purpose they never had in their lives before this experience, and they get let out the back door of the base. They now have to find another purpose. “

In this episode, Neil talks to me about his troubled upbringing and how he found himself joining the Marines at 18 years old. Neil shares the value of finding a support system, mentorship and how he ultimately found his identity and purpose years after serving in the military — particularly by leading events that help men tackle critical issues around trauma, healing, and masculinity.