Oliver Libby

“Service is kind of a religion, I'm one who always thought of myself crossing from sector to sector. Service is not something that precludes someone from building organizations that do well, generating a profit. It doesn't need to be something that is flawless every day, but you need to be dedicated to it. Service has to be celebrated and uplifted in order to survive as a society. It requires eternal vigilance and constant reinvestment and if we don't elevate and promote and decide to serve, then all of that good stuff goes away. It is much easier for there to be disorder than for there to be order and harmony and we have to invest in that by being of service.”

Oliver Libby started his career in U.S. government and wanted to explore the private sector that drives the country and how he can turn that into service. During the financial crisis of 2008 he co-founded two organizations, both focusing on high growth, high impact and high diversity. His Venture Firm Hatzimemos / Libby Holdings was created because he felt there was a gap with how we build companies in America. He wanted to have a hands on role supporting companies that focus on protecting the people and the planet. Along with H/L, he is Chairman and Co-Founder to The Resolution Project. A non-profit that helps college students take those first steps into responsible leadership. Those students using his guidance and resources have changed more than 3 million lives around the globe. We thank Oliver for continuing to empower founders like ours, and many more, while also living life of service first.